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Daniela' s smokeless firing workshop

Porutugal  Art & Craft village Cerdeira    '  Teracotta workshop '

Fixing my studio kiln

I built indoor wood smokeless kiln at Tokyo Musashino Univercity. Furst time in the world in city building inside space. Now Japan is difficult building wood kiln inside building & city by law. Sucha meaning this kiln is ameazing in the world. Kiln chamber inside size is 40cm×45cm 6 selves and 150cm high. we fire up total 14 hours with 1300℃ keep 2 hours by reduction. This kiln is very effective and very evry strong for big earthquec. I hope this taype kiln for future wood kiln for wood fire potters with smokeless no Polution & less woods Eco with strong reduction.


My fiime visiting to Taiwan, 張桂維&林snekekiln Family suport my workshop & Travel. I enjoyed very much Taiwan ceramics.



In China I helpe Suuny's kiln fixing and enjoy firing with friends!


2016 new yaerwonderful star!

Tennessee MIddle State University Fring workshop with[  !8 th Tyawan expo ]


I did Lecture & throwing demo at most old ceramic studi USA Greenwich house in Manhattan New York

Slvie's Firing