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Miharu temples

Temple and writhing tree

Miharu Town's extremely rich historical heritage is evidenced by the very many temples on its hills. Walking around town and visiting a few of the main temples is a nice way to spend a day. Each temple has its history and its specificities.

One of the temples, for example, was founded by a monk who visited China at a time when the people in Miharu were getting sick from drinking water. The monk brought back a solution from his trip. People could eat cucumbers instead of drinking water. Since that time, people bring cucumbers to the temple for good health.

Another temple boasts a vast number of lotus flowers. Every year, when the lotus flowers open, the temple holds a festival, with dances and a tea ceremony.

At one other temple, there is an unusual tall stone for washing mouth and hands (as is customary when entering a temple) without getting off the horse.

There are many more events, festivals and stories surrounding the temples of Miharu. Miharu also used to have a castle, proudly standing on a hill near main street, but it was unfortunately destroyed by fires.