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Miharu History And Folk Museum

The Miharu History and Folk Museum presents historical artifacts from the Jomon era to recent times in order to show how local people used to live, what objects they used and how they used them. In addition to the permanent exhibition, other events are regularly organized. Visit the Miharu museum's official website for more information.

Miharu Doll Museum

Dolls and in particular paper dolls are a long standing tradition in Miharu. The Doll Museum presents samples of different styles of dolls and shows their evolution throughout the years. This museum is an annex to the History and Folk Museum so the same ticket can be used to visit both.

The Miharu Dam Museum

This small museum explains the creation of the dam and displays a number of antique Jomon artifacts discovered during its construction.

Koriyama City Museum of Art

The Koriyama City Museum of Art is not a Miharu museum, but it is so close (less than a 15 minutes drive) that it would be a shame to come to Miharu and miss this wonderful museum. In addition to an interesting permanent collection of paintings and sculptures, the museum organizes many exhibitions and events on themes and artists ranging from picture book illustrators to experimental art. There is also a nice cafe to relax inside the museum. Have a look at the museum's website for more information about the museumand its upcoming exhibitions.