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Masakazu Kusakabe

Kusakabe in front of fire

Masakazu Kusakabe is an artist with an incredible level of energy and enthusiasm. His passion for ceramics, and wood firing in particular, led him to build and test many different kiln designs and firing techniques. Kusakabe-sensei's curiosity isn't limited to ceramics. He enjoys discovering and sharing new ideas and enjoyable moments with people.

Indeed, one of the most important aspects of wood firing for Kuskabe is its ability to bring a community together, working, eating, singing and just sharing a good time around a fire.

Kusakabe-sensei's achievements are too numerous to list here. He has been giving workshops and lectures internationally for many years and has built kilns in America, Canada, Czech Republic, England, China and of course Japan.

He recently published a book, co-authored by his long-time friend Marc Lancet, describing some of his designs and how to obtain beautiful "yohen", the effects of ash naturally building up and melting onto the pots during firing.

He is now working to reconcile wood-fired ceramics with environmental concerns through special kiln designs which produce very little smoke, meaning the combustion inside the kilns is almost complete.

Please visit Kusakabe's official website to learn more about him and his work.

Contact information

69 Kuguriki, Miharu-machi
Fukushima-ken - 〒963-7712 JAPAN

Tel: 0247 62 1308
Mobile: 090 5832 5622

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