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Aoitsuki (Blue Moon)

Aoitsuki cafe

Aoitsuki is a very cozy cafe located in the Miharu dam area, close to Miharu no Sato. In addition to a generous selection of different blends of tea, coffee and cocoa, there are always some seasonal specials and delicious cake sets.

Cake set

The very friendly tenant, Yukie, also holds monthly readings, usually of Kenji Miazawa's short stories. Other events regularly take place as well, so have a look at Aoitsuki's blog or call to know what's going on.

The cafe is open every day except Wednesdays, from 11am to 6pm.
Tel: 0247-62-3420
Follow this link for a map to Aoitsuki.

Kirara Cafe

Kirara cafe

Kirara is a charming log house where you can relax and spend some quality time while savouring a selection of delicious beverages and sweets. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are of course on the menu, as well as less common items, such as a Korean Ginseng drink.

Inside Kirara cafe

Kirara also serves a special acorn curry meal. You can order it for lunch or dinner, but you need to reserve one week in advance, as acorns have to be boiled 30 times before they can be eaten. Acorns were an important part of the Jomon diet (the antique Japanese civilization). The Jomon era uniquely enjoyed 10000 years of peace, and Kirara's owner serves her acorn meal as a reminder.

Kirara is open Friday to Monday, from 10am to 7pm (later if you reserve an acorn menu).
Tel: 0247-82-5190
Follow this link for a map to Kirara.

Rice Lake House

The Rice Lake House is an American style Cafe / Bed & Breakfast. The house was built by American and Japanese carpenters. It is one of the many fruits of Miharu's sister city program with the city of Rice Lake in Wisconsin, USA. The architecture and interior, typically American, create a space to relax and talk with friends while enjoying a good coffee with one of their delicious peanut butter cookies.

A computer with internet is available to clients. The Rice Lake House, with its beautifully decorated rooms, also offers a Bed and Breakfast service.

The Rice Lake House is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 5pm.

〒963-7756 Fukushima-ken, Tamura-gun, Miharu-machi, 84 Minami-machi
TEL: 0247-62-5800  Fax: 0247-62-5800
Follow this link for a map to the Rice Lake House.

Tofu Cafe (Ohataya)

The Tofu Cafe is a Restaurant&Cafe where all the items on the menu are made from soy beans. From grilled tofu hamburgers to gratins, ice cream, cakes and whipped cream, everything is derived from soy beans... and absolutely delicious.

The Tofu Cafe also has a shop where you can buy tofu, soy milk, okara, etc. Have a look at the Tofu Cafe's website for more details.

The Tofu Cafe is open every day, from 10am to 5:30pm (meals from 11am to 5pm).
Tel: 0247-62-3309
Follow this link for a map to the Tofu Cafe.

Tamura Soba

Tamura Soba is a gorgeous soba restaurant. The building itself, with its massive wooden structure and its raw tree trunk column in the middle of the room creates a warm and rustic atmosphere that puts you in appetite to enjoy their delicious soba (100% soba flour). The menu is particularly varied, adding a number of side dishes to their already generous selection of hot and warm soba. Some examples are the walnut cream mochi, grilled duck skewers, fried tofu triangle with sweet miso (a Miharu Town specialty).

Tamura Soba is open every day except Tuesdays (lunch only on some Tuesdays) from 11am to 6:30pm.
Tel: 0247-82-5190
Follow this link for a map to Tamura Soba.